Ucapan Selamat Tahun Baru Bahasa Inggris 2012

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Kumpulan sms ucapan tahun baru dalam bahasa inggris 2012. Nah buat sobat2 yang membutuhkan ucapan-ucapan selamat tahun baru dalam bahasa inggris terbaru, disinilah tempatnya kalian bisa menemukan koleksi ucapan natal dalam bahasa inggris terbaru 2012.

ucapan tahun baru dalam bahasa inggris


| APPY.*.*.*
*. NEW YEAR 2011 *
*.==.== .*


() ,,, ()
( – - )
(0) (0)

Life can give U a hundred reason 2 cry,
but Jesus can give life a thousand reason 2…
( ^ _, ^ )
( ) ( )
‘- -’

Merry Xma$..
Do u know what Christmas is? It’s Simple : Christ Has Risen In Spite The Most Adverse Sacrifices, have a great Christmas..

Only open HEARTS receive LOVE
only open MINDS receive WISDOM
only open HANDS receive GIFTS
only SPECIAL FRIENDS receive my Happy New Year greeting .

gambar tahun baru 2012


“May the light of X’mas that comes, wipe all the darkness and sadness away, and bringing joy, hope, love and happiness”.

Have a very blesssed X’mas….

FAITH makes all things possible,
HOPE makes all things work,
LOVE makes all things beautiful.
May you have all three in this New Year 2011

SMiLE-it makes U look nice!
PRAY-it makes U stronger!
GIVE-it makes U richer!
LOVE-it makes U know life!

let sun bring you hope
let stars bring you rightness
let love bring you happiness
let my message bring you the dream come true
happy new year 2012
wish you all the best


the year has almost gone, but made us strong
the path was long, but we’ve walked with songs
there were fears and tears, but we had reasons for cheers!
happy new year 2012


Every second passed,
every moment happened,
every action taken may joy
and blessing be with you.
Happy New Year 2012


Wishing u SUNLIGHT in u’r heart
SUCCESS in u’r path
ANSWERS to u’r prayers..
HAPPINESS in u’r life..
SMILE in u’r face..


B-egin with
L-ove in CHRIST
E-xpect blessing
S-hare goodness
S-hine like the sun
l-nspire everybody
N-ever forget that
G-OD is with u always


Nah itulah kumpulan ucapan tahun baru dalam bahasa inggris, semoga bisa bermanfaat.

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